Book of Baal Slot Review

Book of Baal Slot Review (RTP 96% | Iron Dog Studio) High Volatile

In this Book of Baal slot review, you will see how the game works benefited. Ancient Egypt’s low-hanging fruit proves enticing one more time, this time to developer Iron Dog Studio, who has thrown its fedora into the ring with yet another ‘book of’ style slot. 

The title of this one is Book of Ba’al, and that’s one of the most interesting parts of it. After doing some analysis, we discovered that Ba’al has appeared in numerous forms throughout history, making it difficult to come up with a single meaning. Since we’re in the Book of Ba’al, we’ll keep to the Egyptian definition, which is difficult to summarize even then.

According to certain sources, Ba’al was linked to Set, the Egyptian deity of storms, bloodshed, and disorder, among other things. If this interpretation still doesn’t feel right, don’t worry; it appears that Ba’al has been used to represent a variety of things, so we’ll keep it open for now. With slot online, you will get a lot of benefits.

Best Book of Baal Slot Review

What’s obvious is that with Book of Ba’al, players are in completely familiar territory. The game is set inside a stone structure in Egypt, either a temple or a palace. Somewhere between hieroglyphes pillars, with braziers braziering and god sculptures. 

It’s a pleasant enough view, offering nothing new but also doing nothing to put off lovers of traditional ‘book’ gaming. It isn’t fully generic, as shown by the winged meter in the top right corner. This device feeds into the one and only new bit in Book of Ba’al, which is mentioned in the features section.

1. Volatility and RTP

Playable on any device, wagers start at 10 cents each spin and go up to £/€50 for those with greater pockets. 

The game is played on a 5 x 3-square grid, and players are rewarded when matching symbols appear throughout the game’s 10 fixed paylines, which begin at the leftmost edge. Book of Ba’al is a classic combination of a highly volatile math concept and substantial potential, with a theoretical return value of 96%.

2. The Payline

Symbolically, this game follows the script as well, with low-paying 10-A Egyptian-looking card ranks, ankhs, eyes, scarabs, and who else than a dashing young Indiana Jones type as the top-paying tile. 

In terms of payouts, five low-pay symbols will pay out 10-15 times the wager, while five premiums on a one payline will payout 75 to 500 times the stake.

3. Slot Features

The book symbol is both wild and scattered in this online slot machine, and it can appear on any reel. The book can be used to complete winning lines in place of any other symbol in the game, except enlarged symbols. Landing 3, 4, or 5 book symbols as scatter awards 2x, 20x, or 200x the stake, plus 10 free spins, in both.

One regular pay symbol is picked at random to be the Special Expanding Symbol before the free spins begin. During free spins, special symbols extend to span all spots on their respective reels if they can help you win. 

They then pay for all lines from any location – expanded symbols don’t have to be next to each other for this to happen. During the feature, landing three or more scatters provides additional free spins.

Mini Feature Round

The Mini Feature Round in Book of Ba’al serves to set it out from the pack to some level. The side meter collects each time a book symbol lands that does not result in free spins being triggered. 

The mini-feature is triggered after 25 books have been collected in this way. Every reel is covered by one pay symbol that changes into a special symbol. While the remaining reels spin for free, expanded symbols are locked in place. Any new chosen symbols that land will also expand.

Final Verdict

Iron Dog is a group of people who are quite creative. When they’re not nudging Megaways, they’re devising a novel way to promote BTG’s gaming engine to third parties. On the other hand, Book of Ba’al feels like a game developed on automatic. 

One of the best things to say about it is that Iron Dog didn’t make any huge mistakes with it. There are no weird characters, unusual features, botched bravado moments, or much of an individual soul at all. 

This game is essentially a paint-by-numbers game designed to fill in the gaps in the studio’s lineup. You can play this game on almost all of the online casino sites, especially in MPOAPI and Bovada casinos

These two online casinos not only provide a variety of games such as blackjack, roulette betting, baccarat, and sports betting, but also online betting strategies. In the end, those are brief  Book of Baal slot reviews from us!

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