Cloud Corsairs Slot Review

Cloud Corsairs Slot Review RTP 95.58% (Fantasma Gaming)

Are you looking for the Cloud Corsairs slot review? The name of this game is evocative, conjuring visions of sailing the sky in a brass contraption, following the wind, viewing the sunset from great heights, and perhaps doing a little robbing. 

Corsairs are another word for pirates, and clouds are pretty romantic. Fortunately, Swedish game developer Fantasma Games, a company skilled in creating online slots with a strong fantasy bent, is the mind behind Cloud Corsairs. 

With the help of this, the team developed the atmospherically flying slot machine Cloud Corsairs, which has features like Free Spins.

A Brief of Cloud Corsairs Slot Review

Fantasma Games has introduced an animation effect to the clouds behind the game panel to give the impression that you are soaring through the air on an absurd flying machine. 

It offers the floating metropolis in the background of Cloud Corsairs slot review, an ever-present motion effect that makes players feel like they are moving closer to it when free spins are awarded. 

For Cloud Corsair, Fantasma Games showed off their world-building prowess by packing it full of fantastical characters, opulent steampunk artwork, and exhilarating music.

1. Volatility and Return to Player

A medium to high volatility slot, Cloud Corsairs slot review generates a default return to player value of 95.58%. A stake of 25 percent to £/€100 can be chosen for regular betting on mobile, tablet, or desktop platforms. 

Where allowed, free spins can also be purchased. Five reels, three rows, and 27 fixed paylines make up the game panel, which players may use to line up winning combos. The Multiplier Reel, which is included in both the main game and free spins as you shall see, is located just to the side of everything else.

2. Paying Symbols

When 3 or more symbols appear on a payline from the first reel onward on neighboring reels, a normal win is achieved. 

Four character symbols and a Zeppelin hauling a chest are the high payouts, with four gemstone-encrusted symbols paying 1.6–5 times the stake for five of a kind. A five-of-a-kind high pay victory pays out 6–8 times the bet. In Cloud Corsairs, there is a lot going on but no usage of a wild symbol.

3. Game Features

Although symbol values aren’t particularly large, there are a few things available to assist create a more stunning sum. The Multiplier Reel, which can be found in both the main game and free spins, is one of them. 

The Multiplier Reel shows values between one and ten on each spin. The active multipliers on the multiplier reel are given to any winning lines that develop. 

One multiplier value can be active at a time in the regular game, while up to three can be active at once during free spins. In the latter scenario, multipliers are combined prior to being applied to a winning line.

Our Conclusion

There are a handful of these steampunk/Zeppelin games out there, but Fantasma Games’ Cloud Corsairs slot review really nails the fantastical element. The extravagant graphics and ongoing feeling of flying through the ether put it on par with slots like Casino Zeppelin Reloaded, Riders of the Storm, or Land of Zenith in this sense. 

An overflowing sack of effects, including symbols that bounce as they land, lightning, and various ocular explosions, is layered on top. The changeable clouds and brisk activity on the reels make up for the ship’s somewhat basic appearance.

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