Wild Frames Slot

Wild Frames Slot Review: Paylines, Features, RTP & Volatility

The newest grid slot in Play’n GO’s library is called Wild Frames Slot. This one blends the contemporary gameplay and features we have grown accustomed to from the series with a vintage fruit slot feel and symbols. Previous Play’n GO grid spaces had the potential for some amazing rolls when the cluster system and cascading wins feature were in action.

The only thing that can equal the volatility is the payoff potential when a number of features and modifications, like the Charge Meter, are included. Fans will be relieved to learn that, at its foundation, Wild Frames Slot keeps everything that made earlier grid slots such a success. Wild Frames might appear and feel different. Let’s wait and see how it develops, but on paper, this looks like a fantastic prospect.

In terms of graphics, Wild Frames Slot is not as immediately appealing as earlier iterations like Honey Rush or Black Mamba. Its 7×7 grid is filled with traditional slot machine icons, which contrast with the background’s relatively basic purple hues and geometric patterns. In a minimalist manner, it’s nice, but once the action really gets going, you won’t even notice it.

There are no actual paylines in this game, but players can choose stake levels from 20 cents to £/€100 each spin using the horizontal bar along the bottom. Instead, winning combinations are created when related symbols land in groups, either vertically or horizontally, next to one another.

Volatility, which Play’n GO rated as being 10/10, is one of the key statistics. The RTP, which can vary from casino to casino but is often set to either 94.5% or 96.5%, is something that slot machine providers can influence. Given this, be careful to review the paytable at your preferred online casino to see which one offers the best value.

As previously said, the symbols are right out of the playbook for vintage fruit slots. Eight symbols make up the base game: huge, bold card suites like diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades; then equally brash bells, stars, diamonds, and fortunate 7s. To trigger a payout, at least 5 of a sort must be present in a cluster; once this occurs, the clusters disappear from view. As new symbols fall into the spaces, clusters and winnings from a single spin can cascade.

Currently, this is a rather common mechanic that is ideal for the 7×7 grid format. The “7” is the most valued pay symbol; get 30 or more of them in a row and you’ve already won 500 times your initial wager.

Wild Frames Slot: Features

There are a number of interconnected aspects that support the rollercoaster gameplay. The flashy golden “W” Wild emblem is the first. The Wild is an essential component of the game, which is why it is called Wild Frames. Wilds appear and place a sticky frame in that precise position.

If they land in a place where a frame already exists, they enhance it with a progressive multiplier that ranges from x1 to x9. Remember that while all of these frames accumulate, they are dormant until the Wild Frames function is activated. Another crucial aspect is that, following a spin that results in a loss, 4-6 Wild symbols may be added to the grid at random.

We receive a Charge Meter adjacent to the play space, just like in previous Play n’ Go grid slots.The meter increases by one charge each time a winning symbol occurs. When the meter reaches 20, 40, or 60 charges, the Transform, Wildcard, and Shatter features are turned on, accordingly. The grid is modified as follows:

  • Transform turns every high-paying symbol (other than card suites) into a single, universal high-paying symbol.
  • Wildcard randomly distributes 3-6 Wilds over the grid.
  • All of the card suit symbols in the grid are eliminated by shatter.

The Wild Frames Slot feature is activated when the Charge Meter reaches all 80 charges. All of the grid’s frames, including the multiplier frames, are now active, and any symbols that were previously contained within one become wild. The greatest multiplier will be added to winning clusters with multiplier frames as they form.

Two extra frames are added to the grid at random for every ten charges over 80. When there are no longer any winning clusters, the Wild Frames feature expires.

Wild Frames Slot: Verdict

Despite being beautifully put together, Wild Frames Slot doesn’t have a particularly engaging visual style. The theme is unoriginal and not quite as unique as some of Play’n GO’s other grid slot offerings.

From a marketing perspective, the retro design may, of course, sway some potential customers who would otherwise be turned off by this style of “modern” gameplay. On the other hand, mechanically, it is exactly what you’ve come to anticipate from these grid spaces.

You will need the game to prolong cascades as long as possible if you want to get the most out of Wild Frames. If you’re lucky, a significant snowball effect happens. Additional features are released onto the grid as the Charge meter fills up, and more frames are added.

When the 80 symbols are cleared, activate the main Wild Frame feature for some ludicrous wins; there are several internet videos showcasing this phenomena with prior grid slots. With the potential to win up to 7,000 times the initial wager, there is also a lot to play for. One of the highest potential games ever created by the studio, if not quite as much as Honey Rush.

Despite its great volatility, the game is generally fairly balanced, although it can nevertheless punish or reward players equally. Be ready for an emotional roller coaster and unpredictable changes in your bankroll in such a situation. Grid slots are ultimately where Play’n GO shines, and Wild Frames Slot is no exception. Although the theme may not be as interesting as some of the other options, if you enjoy grid slots, this okeplay777 login is a good choice.

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