Hawaiian Christmas Slot Review

Hawaiian Christmas Slot Review (RTP 96%) GameArt

In this Hawaiian Christmas slot review, you will understand how to beat the game so you can earn big prizes. This game isn’t your standard Christmas slot machine, but it might be the kind of experience you’d fantasize about if you lived in a warm climate. 

If snow isn’t an option for you for the majority of the year, you can at least fantasize about having it during the holidays. 

This slot machine facilitates this by bringing snow to the Hawaiian islands. For some, it may seem like a nightmare, while for others, it may sound like a dream holiday season. In any case, you can credit GameArt for this one.

Summary of Hawaiian Christmas Slot Review

Hawaiian Christmas has 5×5 reels, with Cluster Pays (5+ related symbols) as the primary way to win. It’s a slot with a Super High Volatility (in the words of GameArt). Cascading reels, Christmas Wreath wilds, growing wild multipliers, as well as random events and free spins, are all included.

1. Wagering Options and Winnings

You can start with a minimum stake of $0.40 and work your way up to a maximum bet of $200 every spin. The only thing that changes is the coin value, which goes from $0.01 to $5, while the total number of coins in the bet remains constant at 40.

The most you can get from a single combination is about 1.5 times the stake. Because the gaming area increases to 7×7 reels for the free spins, this might happen multiple times in a single spin. When you factor in the increasing multipliers from the wilds, the potential skyrockets, yet it still feels minimal.

Wins are predicted to be approximately 10,000x for a slot machine with Super High volatility (GameArt’s words), albeit these are merely predictions because the developer hasn’t said how much it can pay yet.

However, the RTP appears to be fine, at 96.08%, indicating that the game is fair.

2. Game Features

You must have at least 5 symbols of the same sort clustered together to be paid here. They form a cluster when they touch horizontally or vertically, and you get paid according to the number of symbols and their type.

When a cluster is formed, an explosion occurs, destroying the winning symbols. Additional symbols are allowed to fall into those spots, with the possibility of forming new winning clusters. The cascades will continue to trigger as long as this occurs.

Christmas Wreath

The wild symbol is now present, and if it is adjacent to the other symbols involved, it can aid in the development of clusters. It is based on the picture of a Christmas Wreath. 

If you obtain it in a cluster, the wild multiplier increases by 1x for the following cascades. If you use it more than once, it can keep rising up during the same spin.

The Tiki

The Tiki character will assist you by exploding various fruit symbols and removing them from the reels, which is a random event. This introduces additional symbols, as well as the possibility of new wins.

Free Spins

Clusters must be created to unlock the free spins, and the symbols involved will be collected in the Tiki Meter. When you achieve specific levels, more wilds are added to the gaming area (6, 11 or 16 symbols collected). 

You can finally trigger the free spins if you keep doing this in a single spin across numerous cascades (at 40 symbols collected). If you keep going, you’ll get even more wilds when you reach 55, 85, and 145 symbols.

The free spins can begin after the current spin is completed. They’ll use the 3 to 6 wilds you got from the meter, as well as the multipliers attached to those wilds.

3. Design and Story

It’s bright and cheerful, and it combines the Hawaiian design style with the winter backdrop you’d expect from a Christmas-themed slot. The poor crabs and palm trees are covered in snow, so they can’t be doing too well, yet the Tiki statue adjacent to the game area is smirking at you.

Pictures of wreaths, stars, and a bundle of exotic fruits will be among the symbols on those five reels (lychees, coconuts, pineapples).

Our Conclusion

This is a slot machine that adds a splash of winter graphics to a Hawaiian setting, which you may or may not like because it deviates from the typical style of the winter holidays. 

It’s undoubtedly unique in terms of gameplay; it’s highly volatile, but the payouts appear to be minimal on paper. It’s a unique choice for the holidays, and it’s not a typical release, so it has something going for it. Well, it is the complete explanation on situs slot gacor Hawaiian Christmas slot review.

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